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At Last Naturals is a woman-owned company which was founded over forty years ago. Stacey Rosen, who had been closely associated with the business for nearly twenty years, is president and CEO of At Last Naturals.

photo-stacy2.jpgAs a wife, mother, caregiver, business woman and now, president of At Last Naturals, Stacey has brought a feminine consciousness to the company and its line of natural wellness products for women. As a woman, Stacey felt the need to create a product line that reflected her needs and the needs of other women.

At Last Naturals women’s line has been devoted to women's health needs and has been a leading national brand for years. The line was designed with input from women, physicians, pharmacists, and other health professionals with the particular needs of women in mind.

Under Stacey Rosen, At Last Naturals is dedicated to advocating for women and women’s health issues and to offering promise, hope and help, to all women.

nams-logo.jpgStacey Rosen is a proud member of The North American Menopause Society, an organization dedicated to the promotion of the health and quality of life of women through an understanding of menopause.


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