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Herbal Menopause Remedy

Get Natural Menopause Relief from Meno-Herbs and Meno-Herbs 2

Finally…the herbal Menopause remedy you've been searching for. Wild Yam Meno-Herbs 90's and Meno-Herbs 2 with Proykin® are two innovative products that provide safe and natural Menopause relief thanks to two proprietary blends of botanicals.
Wild Yam Meno-Herbs 90's – With wild yam, red clover, dong quai, black cohosh, chaste tree berry and raspberry, Wild Yam Meno Herb's 90's is an herbal Menopause remedy that corrects hormonal imbalances and supports the female system during this time of change.

Meno-Herbs 2 with Protykin
® -  This herbal Menopause remedy includes the cutting-edge blend of botanicals in Meno-Herbs  90's and goes a step further by adding in the powerful antioxidant Protykin ® .  This standardized extract of the Polygonum cuspidatum (root) contains natural plant estrogens that help maintain hormone levels and minimize Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and more. Protykin ® also supports the cardiovascular system and provides cellular protection against environmental pollutants and the effects of premature aging.

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